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Diane Kress's 25 years as a nutritionist have helped her create recipes that are quick, easy, and delicious—recipes that can work for your life rather than frustrate you with tricky ingredients and long prep times.

With these custom-designed and tested Metabolism Miracle recipes you really can lose weight, keep it off, improve your cholesterol, lower blood pressure, boost your energy level, and improve a whole range of chronic conditions.

Few of us have the time or motivation to spend hours in the kitchen preparing a meal. But we do want to eat delicious food that helps keep us slim and healthy. These "Miracle Recipes" will entice anyone who sits down at your table. They've been balanced to be effective for those of us who may have Metabolism B but include the same ingredients and flavors we all love. Get ready to embrace a happier and healthier lifestyle—and enjoy every bite!
The Metabolism Miracle includes all this!
Easy and Great-Tasting Menus and Meal Plans. For each of the three steps you'll get complete menus, meal plans, and easy, time-saving, and delicious recipes. For Step One, see the section beginning on page 72.

  Great Food Choices: No matter what your food preferences, you'll find plenty of delicious foods you'll love with The Metabolism Miracle. Whether you're a "meat-and-potatoes" person or a vegetarian, you'll find easy-to-make recipes and meal plans.
See page 168.


Dine out MM style!How to Dine Out MM Style: The Metabolism Miracle works well in any restaurant. Fine dining, carry-out, even fast food choices are easy on all three steps. See the tips on page 174.

At-a-Glance Shopping Lists: Make it quick and easy to find the foods you need. See page 180.
Eat all you want of many delicious foods!
Step One Chocolate Brownie Muffin With The Metabolism Miracle, you don't need to count a thing in the lean proteins, healthy fat, vegetables, and other categories. There is no weighing, measuring, or counting of these foods during Step One.

Perhaps the best part, besides the fat loss and energy boost, is its ease and simplicity. Foods fall into two easy categories: yes and no. You'll find these food choices incredibly easy to make.

With The Metabolism Miracle you'll continue to eat great-tasting foods such as a Step One Chocolate Brownie Muffin (recipe on page 312). Enjoy a Cinnamon Ricotta Pudding (recipe on page 315). You'll think "I can do this!" and you will.
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Scrumptious, Easy-to-Make Recipes — Bountiful Breakfasts
Miracle Quiche, page 219
  Crustless Ham and Veggie Quiche, page 220  
  Silver Dollar Pancakes,
page 225
  Plus more...  
Silver Dollar Pancakes — Sumptuous Soups and Salads
  Potato-ish Salad, page 248  
  Pasta Primavera Salad,
page 250
  Corn Bisque, page 256  
  Italian Vegetable Soup,
page 257
  Plus more...  
Delightful Dinner Entrees
  Chicken Paprikash, page 266  
  Miracle Spaghetti, page 275  
  Pasta-Free Veggie Lasagna, page 290  
  Plus more...  
Super Side Dishes
Broccoli-Cheese Casserole,
page 298
Sweet Potato Fries
  Sweet Potato Fries, page 300
  Mashed Cauliflower, page 307
  Plus more...
Baked Treats and Other Sweets
  Chocolate Brownie Muffins, page 312  
  "Gilded" Cinnamon Muffins, page 313  
  Nancy's Fancy Chocolate Meringue Cookies, page 317  
  Plus more...

  As you read through these delicious recipes, you'll say to yourself, "Yes, I can do this!" In fact, you'll be looking forward to it!

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