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Is it Menopause or Metabolism! Discover the key to solving 23 health conditions!
When Ann first came to Diane Kress's Nutrition Center, she checked off many of the symptoms from the list. She smiled when she handed Diane the list, saying, "Of course I feel this way. These symptoms are due to menopause, and honey, I'm there."

She had a list of symptoms that could relate to many conditions—menopause, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and just plain aging. But once people begin the Metabolism Miracle program, they quickly discover whether their metabolism may be to blame for many of the unpleasant symptoms.

Depression and Menopause Symptoms GONE!

Ann started the three-step Metabolism Miracle program, and a few weeks later she sent Diane an e-mail message with only two words: "t lifted." When she returned to the office after 8 weeks, she was beaming. "I can’t believe it! Almost all of the symptoms I attributed to menopause—my mild depression, periods of anxiety, poor sleep, midline fat, weight gain, fatigue, forgetfulness—are all so much better." Ann had lost inches of fat and was already wearing smaller-size slacks, but mostly she was thrilled to feel like her old self again. Menopause symptoms aren't anywhere near as big a problem if your insulin is normal. See Ann's story on page 11 of
The Metabolism Miracle.

From an Apple to an Hourglass Figure

Many women are very upset about the change in their body shape as they get older. The typical shape is an hourglass, but many women with Metabolism B develop an "apple" figure. So they're absolutely delighted to see their old hourglass figure coming back when they use The Metabolism Miracle.

Diane Kress has personally used the Metabolism Miracle program with more than 6,000 patients. If you have Metabolism B and follow The Metabolism Miracle, you will get results. The book has achieved world renown not because of big publicity, but because of word of mouth. When people see how much weight their friends have lost...when they hear how great their friends are now feeling...they DEMAND TO KNOW WHAT THE SECRET IS!

The Cure for Feeling Fat, Fatigued, and Frustrated

Patients would walk into Diane Kress's office for a consult on their weight problem. Their heads are a bit down; they don't make a lot of eye contact. They say, "I don’t know if this is going to work. I've tried so many other diets before. I'm so frustrated. It's like my body is out of control."

After a few weeks on The Metabolism Miracle, when the same patients are asked what they think about Diane's program, they say, "It's like a miracle. I have my life back!" The people are reborn. Their biggest joy is that they literally feel alive again.

The Great Masquerader
You may look at the symptoms for Metabolism B and think that they could be attributed to many different conditions, including menopause, chronic fatigue syndrome, midlife, or even a high-stress job. (See list at right.) But at the end of Step One of The Metabolism Miracle, many symptoms from the checklist disappear along with the weight, because the symptoms were caused by Metabolism B.

The roots of your weight and medical problems include excess insulin release, resistance to your own insulin, and an overreaction to blood sugar. Once you address the root cause, the offshoots—weight, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar—will be reduced on less or no medication. See page 22.

Reduce Medication for Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, or Diabetes IN JUST 8 WEEKS!

If you have a lab-drawn fasting glucose level of 90 or above, "think" Metabolism B and rest assured that The Metabolism Miracle will work for you. In as little as 8 weeks, your physician may need to lower the dosage of medication you're taking as your body enters a healthier zone. See page 15.

Fixing your metabolism only requires you to eat carbs in the right amounts at the right times of the day. There are no drugs or surgeries. No supplements, no weight loss gimmicks or exercise machines. The Metabolism Miracle will show you how to get your metabolism back in tune.

Almost all of the medical conditions listed in the list at right can require medication. When you fuel your metabolism correctly, as you'll learn in The Metabolism Miracle, your need for medication will decline or could even be eliminated. You'll need less medication as you enjoy improved mental, physical, and emotional health, increased energy, and weight loss.
Save hundreds of dollars each year
What's more, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars each year by reducing medications you're taking now. Diane Kress did this herself and was able to safely eliminate four medications: two for diabetes, one for cholesterol, and one for blood pressure. So you could save big money—not to mention avoiding the drugs' side effects.

RESET Your Metabolism and Be Thin and Healthy for Life!
Is it Menopause or Metabolism! Discover the key to solving 23 health condtitons!
23 health conditions dramatically improved!
ADD or ADHD (attention deficit disorder)

  Anxiety or panic attacks

  Belly fat (a roll around your middle)

  Cholesterol increases: total cholesterol, LDL “bad”cholesterol, and/or triglycerides

  Low levels of HDL “good” cholesterol

  Gestational diabetes (occurs only during pregnancy)

  Type 2 diabetes

  Chronic fatigue

  Mild depression


  GERD (gastric reflux disease)

  High blood pressure (or recent increases in blood pressure)

  Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)

  Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid)

  Infertility (related to hormonal imbalance)

  Metabolic syndrome


  Osteoporosis or osteopenia

  PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)

  Sleep apnea

  Sleep disturbances

  Weight gain without eating more

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